Zifo’s Environmental Commitment

  • We firmly believe in being environment-friendly and delivering our services of high quality in harmony with the environment. Since our operations are primarily centered around offering technological services to our customers, energy conservation and waste management are our key responsible areas.

    We are committed to working continuously on our environmental practices in the key responsible areas and utilizing the opportunities to minimize the potential impacts as much as possible. We will incorporate environmental best practices in our operations across all our offices to ensure a sustainable environmental future.

    Through our environmental practices, we will work towards:

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Operations and Functions:

  • Ensuring responsible usage of the resources in our daily operations.

  • Minimizing the usage of environmentally unfriendly one-time/disposable products.

  • Moving to a paperless recruitment process and electronic signature process to reduce the usage of papers.

  • Creating awareness of our environmental commitment among our employees and other stakeholders.

Energy and Water Consumption:

  • Committing to conserving energy through the usage of products like LED lights that reduce consumption and chiller plants for ACs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Committing to reducing water consumption by using water taps with aerators to restrict water outflow.

  • Committing to reducing our carbon footprint by a mindful consumption of energy and resources.

Dry Waste and E-Waste Management:

  • Segregation, disposal, and management of waste generated from our office premises.

  • Monitoring e-waste created by our activities and disposing of the used devices with a government-authorized e-waste agency.

Reviews and Updates:

  • Making efforts to continually improve our environmental sustainability practices aligned to the nature of our business.

  • Reviewing and upgrading this commitment from time to time to stay relevant to the current conditions.

  • Conducting refresher sessions for our employees as and when the environmental commitment goes through a series of major changes as part of upholding the awareness.