Clinical IT Services & Informatics Consulting

Whether you call it , discovery or , the science, processes and informatics demands are high. s deep scientific domain experience in chemistry, biology, formulations, and analytical coupled with over 90 scientific informatics product partnerships means we are well placed to support your teams.

Assay development and validation, instrument data acquisition and integration, regulatory and QC data reporting, lab inventory and metrology, workflow automation and validation

Manipulation of biology at the 'Omic level and its downstream effects uses many different techniques such cloning, plasmid design, cell transfection and protein/product production.

Pharmacology, ADME cascade automation, PK study design, resource management, data acquisition, Bioanalysis, PK modelling and regulatory submissions

"Always on", end-user support, proven scale, quality, processes and knowledge of scientific applications have a measurable impact on end-user efficiency, satisfaction and application downtime.

Molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics, virtual screening, structure-based design, docking & QSAR, high-performance computing, storage and cloud informatics

PLM, recipe and ingredients management in ERP, formulation development process and statistical DOE and analytical data collection and management in LIMS and ELN

Design of experiments (DoE), inventory & materials management, robotics, instrument integration, workflow automation, system monitoring and data analytics

Early Pharmacology, ADME, Assay Automation, PK/PD, Assay Development & Validation, Bioanalysis, Inventory Management etc. and the linked regulatory aspects of GLP and IND/NDA/BLA creation support.

16s/ITS Metagenomics & Meta-transcriptomics, pre-processing of raw data, dereplication of sequences and chimeric reads removal, OTU picking, Quality filtering, taxonomical classification

Bidirectional translation of biomedical knowledge from the early research laboratory, through development and manufacturing to clinical & patient-oriented and population-based research


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