Product LIfecycle Management (PLM) IT Services & Informatics Consulting

can mean many things – formulations and recipe management, tracking, new product & demand capture, manufacturing planning and optimisation, product sun setting. has experience in supporting all these areas with both our product partnerships, science & domain expertise, and digital transformation services.

Handover of analytical testing processes, manufacturing process parameters, product specification data transfer, data integrity support, validation & compliance, manufacturing plant design

Study design (DoE) and planning, sample tracking and pull date scheduling, environmental monitoring, sample testing and analytical test results capture, study results aggregation, validation, statistical analysis

New quality system design/delivery/maintenance, auditing against regional regulatory guidelines (21CFRpart11, GLP, GMP, GCP, GAMP5), quality system audit and recommendations, quality system best practice adoption

Automated HTE & Manufacturing Batch Release, product specification ingestion to LIMS, our experience covers BPMN, RPA, AI, and many low-code-no-code open-source and proprietary tools & platforms.

Design of experiments (DoE), inventory & materials management, robotics, instrument integration, workflow automation, system monitoring and data analytics

PLM, recipe and ingredients management in ERP, formulation development process and statistical DOE and analytical data collection and management in LIMS and ELN

Making scientific data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable is a journey that needs experienced and expert planning, design, execution and governance.

Industry gurus engage in current state and vision setting, transformation coaching, building change momentum, thought leadership, technology options and innovation via POCs & value demonstrators, industry insights & benchmarking

Molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics, virtual screening, structure-based design, docking & QSAR, high-performance computing, storage and cloud informatics

Automated assay and screening, batch release, workflow orchestration, BPMN, low-code-no-code process automation (RPA) and robotics platforms.

Process optimisation, automation, validation and QC through BPMN, technology and change management to automate business rules to support decisions and scale