Gene Expression & Sequencing Services

  • FMCG Scientific IT Services & Informatics Consulting

    Formulations and recipe development/management, product/market testing, process scale-up and manufacturing, PLM informatics

  • Food & Beverage

    Ingredient development, product/recipe optimisation, formulation & process development, stability, manufacturing, PLM informatics.

  • Oil & Gas Scientific IT Services & Informatics Consulting

    Lab & testing operations, process analytical technologies (PAT), SCADA and remote plant monitoring informatics


    Chem & Bio, Lab Informatics, Pharmacology, PK/PD, Safety/Tox, Formulations, Analytical, Manufacturing QC, Clinical Trials informatics support

  • Speciality Chemicals

    Chemicals & Biomaterials, Process Development, Analytical method dev & test, Formulations & recipe dev & management, PLM informatics.

Spatial multiomics integration, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), array based gene expression analysis, bulk and single-cell RNA-seq, epigenetic data ...


Our expertise spans the whole spectrum of scientific process applications, and we're able
to draw on a huge marketplace of partnerships with science technology providers, so
whatever is needed to fix your current set-up. we'll determine the best way forward.


Our people are our business and we invest and support their development and curiosity. We actively promote science in our daily work and over 90% of people in Zifo have a scientific background - meaning we speak & understand the language of science


We have a GLOCAL (global & local) presence - meaning we engage with you in your language and time zone but leverage a global delivery support model to remain cost-effective, scalable and very reactive


We focus on science and scientific process applications and informatics. This means we can provide expertise and domain knowledge without compromising quality, technical and service delivery excellence


Our huge marketplace of partnerships with science technology and informatics platform providers means you can rely on Zifo to be agnostic and advise on strategy, plan & deliver projects, and validate and maintain your scientific informatics environments

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There is nothing to worry about with this study when we’ve you! No one is raising any issues with data management 😊 – Medium Pharma

That’s good. The implementation corresponds exactly to what we had discussed. Good work. πŸ‘πŸ‘ – Medium Speciality Chemicals

You are a star 😊 That was quick, and I really didn’t expect my Friday would be so effective !! Large FMCG

Thank you! You guys are the best! Small CRO


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