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In a world influenced by social media where holiday means travelling to exotic locations and clicking Instagram worthy pics, holiday spirit is too vast of a feeling to put in a box. Rather, it’s a multiple-choice question with all right answers.

Holiday spirit, something that invokes the kid in us, and of course the break from monotony that comes with it. In a world that has its intent on making every second count, is quality time a metric to measure ourselves up to? Definitely not. It is more about spending your time however you want and having fun while you’re at it. Exploring what you love is always quality time well spent. And guess what, we have that right here- The Golden Week.A week of guilt free rejuvenation and detox in any and every way you would like. AN ACTUAL BREAK! The best feeling ever.

It is a time to do something you’ve always wanted to. Learn something new from your personal wish list or you know what, do nothing. Anything surely means anything. Let’s give you some ideas. A dream staycation in your bedroom with movies, go out exploring food on your bucket list for them foodies or go back home for the homecooked meals you’ve missed staying away. How about a ride, with the gang or go solo? Road trips with friends packed with fun and losing things is a norm, or vacations to spend time with your family-something we don’t get to do as much as we would like, day outs with kids without a rush and everything under the sky to connect with people important to us. Think about laying under the sky full of stars or just lay in bed as long as you want. Or what if you want to charge your social battery or go off radar to take time for yourself. Be a humble bragger about the holidays (because we sure are a lucky bunch) Anything to fulfil your heart’s desire.This is an excerpt of what the holiday spirit is about. How about more experiences to add when we get back? Have a lovely time.