Advantages of Using a LIMS Managed Services Provider

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Hannah Laidly   |     |  5 mins


In the dynamic landscape of laboratories, efficiency, accuracy, and compliance are paramount. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) play a crucial role in streamlining processes, but managing these systems can be a complex task. This is where LIMS managed services step in, offering a range of benefits to ensure seamless operations.

LIMS serve as the backbone of modern laboratories, managing testing data, samples, and workflows. However, the maintenance of LIMS requires specialized knowledge and resources. A good LIMS resource has knowledge of the application being used, laboratory workflows, and GxP requirements. LIMS managed services provide a solution by offering comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of a system. In this blog, we explore the benefits of LIMS managed services.

Key Benefits of LIMS Managed Services

  • Master Data Management: Even after a system has reached a steady state, there will always be a need for updating existing master data and for the creation of new master data. As processes are improved and new products and tests are introduced, your managed services provider can assist with changes to test methods, specifications, reagents, and more.
  • System Enhancements: Requests for improvements to LIMS will increase as end users become more familiar with the system. A managed services provider can provide solutions for these enhancements, such as modification and creation of queries, system page configuration, dashboards, labels, and reports. These enhancements increase the efficiency and ease of use of the system.
  • System Validation Documentation: As master data and system enhancement changes are implemented in LIMS, documentation such as SOPS, work instructions, and requirements documents need to be updated as well to comply with regulatory standards. Managed services will assist with drafting and revising these documents related to your LIMS system, as they are the ones making the changes to the system.
  • System Support: Technical issues can arise at any time. LIMS managed services aid end users with everything from routine user account management to incident troubleshooting. Support tickets go through three levels of support, where Level I are fixes for basic issues such as a user being locked out of the system. Level II support provides technical support for troubleshooting system issues and making system configuration changes, and Level III support is for advanced issues handling for customizations. Another benefit centers around when a bug is potentially detected in the system, your managed services team can investigate it, log the issue with the vendor, and deploy the patch for the fix.


In the fast-paced world of laboratories, embracing LIMS managed services is a strategic move. It not only ensures the efficient functioning of critical systems but also allows laboratories to focus on their core mission – advancing scientific research. When organizations no longer have to worry about maintaining their LIMS, their scientists have more time to perform analyses and research instead. By partnering with a science focused managed services team for LIMS management, laboratories can unlock a new level of productivity, compliance, and innovation.

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