Lab of the Future EU 2023

Join us for Lab of the Future at our Booth on Sept 26-27 in Amsterdam.

Zifo is again a proud sponsor of this years event.

Event Description
The Lab of the Future Congress is back in Amsterdam for 26-27 Sept 2023.

Join us and hundreds of life science research leaders for the most innovative and best attended congress on the future of R&D.

In addition to an incredible panel of Keynote Speakers, some rarely seen on a public platform, the Congress program has been expanded. Following extensive research with the Lab of the Future Community, the multi track congress program also includes case studies and use cases from exciting start-up biotechs, insightful sessions on collaborative research partnerships and discussions on how to address the challenges of onboarding novel technologies in research, development, and manufacturing.


Future Labs Live

Zifo is attending and speaking at the Future Labs Live event, where we will be breaking down silos, and bringing people together to come up with the ideas, the tech and the processes that’ll transform the lab of tomorrow.


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